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About Us


Boulder Foundation is a nonprofit organization that serves as a conduit to direct resources from donors and partners to selected high impact nonprofits and projects on a global scale.

Our purpose is to connect, empower and equip people to help them make a meaningful difference in their communities as well as their own lives.

A boulder is a rock too large for one person to move, just like the vision of transformed communities worldwide is too large for one person to accomplish. We need each other to effect lasting transformation.

Boulder Foundation has established connections with individuals and organizations in more than 20 countries since our work commenced in 2014.

Our funding model is based on Third Principle Business Initiatives, involving business owners committing a third of their profit to programs making a sustainable impact.

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Our Purpose

To connect a global network of resources and solutions which can enable capability and capacity to communities and programs in need.
To empower communities through education which encourages development and local ownership of potential solutions.
To equip leaders, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations to make a meaningful impact in their spheres of influence.

Our Work


Our primary aim is to connect people and resources. We alleviate the burden of finding ways to expand by helping organizations connect to resources that can help them in that area.

While Boulder Foundation is open to new partnerships and resources, we have chosen to develop strategic relationships with particular entities, identified as our Partner Programs. Read more about each of these below under Our Key Involvement Areas, and visit their website for more information.

Our daily involvement focuses on:

How we network

Identify Partner Programs that provide transformational training solutions that are geared toward community and personal sustainability and empowerment.

Invite high impact nonprofits to join our Partner Programs whose work focus aligns with one or more of our ten key involvement areas.

Find sustainable local solutions geared towards empowering and giving dignity to local communities, and reducing dependency on donor aid.

Connect communities and programs directly to our Partner Programs and allowing leadership, management and operations of these resources to operate and expand independently.

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Our Key Involvement Areas


To connect, empower and equip communities we focus on 10 key areas of involvement:

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Third Principle (3P) Business Initiatives

This initiative encourages individuals and business owners to be intentional in their giving, following first and foremost God's leading. The heart of the principle is obedience. Businesses are encouraged to share a third of their profit with a Kingdom-advancing ministry, a third to go back into the business (in order to grow) and the last third to be dividends to the owner/investors.

This ministry grows organically from its founder and other individuals/business owners who have been called to obedience in the area of giving. It is not the intention of the organization to set a "new rule" for giving but rather encourage obedience in relationship with God.

Events are done by request to address and encourage business owners and individuals.


Isivuno Training group

Isivuno Training

Isivuno Training is a preschool teacher training and support program focused on preschool teachers of under-privileged children, especially from disadvantaged areas.

Training is offered to preschool teachers – especially to those who do not have a formal qualification and provide a service in homes, preschools and schools in disadvantaged areas. This includes people who are already providing such a service, as well as people who want to start a new preschool.

Isivuno collaborates with schools and churches sharing resources, skills and knowledge. All material is Biblically integrated and includes complete lesson plans, training, schedules and continued teacher support, and follow up.

The program directors would appreciate your support to be able to train new teachers and Trainer of Trainers in new regions; to translate their material into different languages as they expand into new countries; and to print the teacher training materials.


Farming Gods Way group

Farming God's Way

This agricultural program, presented by Bountiful Grains Trust, is a Godly solution to the food security and poverty crisis in Africa and other regions.

The program has a proven track record of success since 1984, when Brian Oldreive first pioneered these practices on Hinton estate in Zimbabwe on a large scale commercial farm, eventually cropping 3,500 hectares.  Since then, FGW has spread into many countries, being used by churches, missionaries and NGO's across the continent.


WORK 4 a Living class

Work 4 a Living

Work 4 a Living is a job readiness and business training program designed to empower the unemployed. The vision of the organization is to have training centers in every town and city, wherever there is unemployment and poverty.

At the centers the unemployed are taught how to work with excellence, start businesses and ultimately, help themselves develop income-generative opportunities.

Root issues such as dependency, lack of excellence, poor moral values and entitlement are some of the key issues that are addressed.

Work 4 a Living acts as a nonprofit job agency, partnering with well-established corporate entities where they provide quality staff, free of charge.

Contact us to find out how to start a new center or support them in translating their material and training DVDs into various languages.


NFG Image

Nurse Force Global

NFG serves compassionately in their own sphere and are working to be a solution to be called upon in times of global/natural disasters. In their current capacity they specifically target regions that have been "medically neglected", where they provide immediate care, educate and then connect the community to other medical solutions. NFG is not the solution, they serve to provide/connect the medically-unreached to solutions. Boulder Foundation strives to use organizations like this that brings sustainability to regions instead of creating ongoing dependency.

NFG partners with local organizations and social agents to find ways to continue addressing needs once critical issues have been tended to.

They would like your support to enable them to continue doing medical missions into unreached areas, and provide medicine and care products relevant to the need in those areas.


Fed Image

Fed Nutrition

Fed sees the need to educate and support developing communities while still honoring and preserving identity and culture. Fed's pilot program focuses on early childhood nutrition that educates children, parents and care givers, while introducing cultured foods to enhance their diet and optimize their health. This program, that will be replicated into other regions, includes having a relationship built between a privileged school and the target school (being a school of need) which has proven to strengthen ties in communities and allow solutions to be brought to the school in need.

Fed can use your support for their pilot program: to provide nutritional education at no cost to the community; to provide assessment before and after of the children's health; to duplicate the pilot program in new areas; and to support volunteers willing to serve in the community.


Kenya community

Connecting Communities

Boulder Foundation connects communities locally and on a global scale. Where possible we find local solutions and connections to allow people to reach out to each other in new ways. Our global network of individuals and organizations are always excited to make new connections and help where they can.

If you want to connect with life-changing opportunities and people, contact us to find out about connections in your area.

Family Transformation group

Family Transformation

Family Transformation's vision is to build, empower and restore people's lives, marriages and families. DVD courses, books and resources have been developed that saturate people with life-giving truths, leading them to healing and restoration.

Family Transformation helps to set up centers where people can attend seminars led by trained facilitators, receive counseling and be transformed to make a meaningful contribution in their communities.

Some of their life-changing courses have been used in different regions in Africa and Europe and include Men of Honor, Woman of Peace, The Anointed Marriage, Kingdom Lifestyle Wellness and Emotional Wellness in a Stressful World.

They would appreciate your help to allow them to translate their material into different languages. Current projects involve French translation and audio recordings for the contacts we have established in French-speaking Africa and in France.


Live School group

Live School

Live School is a comprehensive and portable missions training and discipleship program that trains indigenous believers in rural and urban areas of the world to plant sustainable churches and be missionaries to their own and neighboring people groups.

Live School partners with local churches and pastors around the world and mobilizes them to the call of the Great Commission.

The students go through the six-month program covering theology, leadership, evangelism, character development and much more. Afterwards, students are sent out for in-field training and outreach and will go on to transform communities, and plant sustainable churches.

Your contribution can enable them to train new facilitators in various countries.


discussion group

Boulder Foundation advocates for selected projects and programs to enhance awareness of their work and link them to possible donors.

These programs include work amongst the homeless, work focused on orphans and widows, educating leaders in disadvantaged groups, and programs providing education or job opportunities for the disadvantaged.

Please consider supporting their cause financially.

New High Advanced Technology Institute learners

New High Advanced Technology Institute

New High offers education to disadvantaged children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, who have not been able to receive sufficient support through local support systems. Children are taught through STEM approach and are given opportunity to excel and compete with other students in robotics competitions.

New High Adv Tech Institute's method in teaching children-at-risk have shown such remarkable results that the demand for more students means they urgently need a new location and more resources.

Your contribution will help them secure more resources and give these kids a better chance. Select New High Adv Tech Institute on the Donate section below to make a difference for them.

StreetLIFE Ministries food truck

StreetLIFE Ministries

StreetLIFE Ministries have been making an impact on the streets of New York City for many years. They serve the homeless with food, clothing and counseling to bring restoration where hope is hard to find.

Their vision, to accommodate those in transition from the streets to a better life, means they need our help to raise funds for a bigger property. They would like to make an even greater impact by equipping the people they are helping.

To help them secure a facility to get more people from homeless to empowered, please select StreetLIFE Ministries in the Donate section below.

Harvest School pupils

Harvest School Kenya

Several orphaned children from the surrounding area attends Harvest School, Kenya. The school cares deeply for its community and strives to make a lasting difference in the lives of the children who attend.

The school has need for more desks and resources to accommodate the children, and they are saving for a new schoolbus which will save many kids from a long, unsafe walk to school.

Their greatest need is sponsors for 7 children who are currently without funding. A mere $500 (USD) will allow a child to complete their school year. They will greatly appreciate anyone who may be able to help.

If you would like to sponsor a child, or support the school in other projects, please visit our Donate option at the bottom of the page and select Harvest School.

It has been our wonderful privilege to work with Boulder Foundation in Kenya. The partnership and fellowship has yielded much benefits including WORK 4 a Living and Isivuno among others, which are immense tools, blessing our community in outreach, discipleship and empowerment.     – Lucy and Desire Mwesigwa (Beacon Life Church Nairobi, Kenya)
Lucy and Desire Mwesigwa